Connect Typesense with Craft CMS

There are two ways of setting up a connection from Craft CMS to Typesense. You can setup a managed cloud service in Typsense Cloud or use a local machine / self hosting approach. To read more about these setups, please go to the Typsense Guide.


If you go to the plugin settings, you’ll find the different Typesense Server Type settings. You can either connect to a single server, this can either be a self hosted server or a single cluster. If you want a cluster with multiple nodes, you can choose the cluster and add the different nodes ; seperated and the load balanced endpoint.

You can create a cluster on Typesense Cloud and generate the API keys.

The settings page supports environment variables, this makes it able to setup indexes for different environments.

Setup a server in Docker

If you want to use a self hosted server and replicate the setup in Docker, you can follow the steps bellow to setup a Docker container.